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About Us

Saddleback Supply is an outdoor clothing brand located in Fort Worth, Texas and consists of a rich history that dates back to 1986. Our company started out as a building material business selling sand and gravel. Many decades were spent hauling sandbags and other products across countless miles. Later on, our business did something unique as it transitioned from a building material company into an outdoor clothing outfitter. The old history of adventuring across millions of miles of the outdoors had ended up laying the groundwork for the type of outfitter Saddleback Supply has developed into today.

We have gone from trucks to tees and are proud to be able to incorporate the greatness of the outdoors with our graphic designs. Saddleback Supply’s focus on nature is also intertwined with a western vibe for all those who appreciate the country. We take to heart our values as a hardworking organization as we strive to fulfill the needs of those who join our community.



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